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plano camp golf girona

Score Card Slope

Golf Course

Hole 1

Forat 1The course begins with an accessible par 5, if played with care. A good drive is priority with a large water hazard on the left and out of bounds on the right. The correct line is straight over the large pine tree situated on the start of the fairway. This will leave in a great position to go for the green with a wood. The green is raised and well protected with three bunkers. Another option would be a second shot with a hybrid or mid iron and then an easy wedge to the green.

Hole 2

Forat 2A par 4 which looks narrow and intimidating from the tee. The fairway widens at the landing area of the tee shots. You must avoid the out of bounds on the right and the forest on the left to have an easy shot to the green.

Hole 3

Forat 3This par 3 presents a good opportunity for birdie provided we leave the ball close to the hole. The green is difficult to read. Tee shots long left are severely penalised, short and to the right of the green you will find yourself in one of the two bunkers.

Hole 4

Forat 4The longest par 5 on the course with a wide generous fairway, be careful not to go left. The difficult aspect of this hole is 50m from the green in the form of a giant pine tree, which blocks the entrance. A mistake here will be penalised by hitting the branches of the tree.

Hole 5

Forat 5Excellent par 3. Raised green with a lot of danger on the left. A bad shot here will leave you out of bounds. The green is two tiered which allows for very difficult flag positions.

Hole 6

Forat 6The most difficult hole on the first 9 holes. A long uphill par 4 with the fairway undulating to the left in the landing zone. The green is elevated and well protected . The green is two tiered.

Hole 7

Forat 7A strong dog-leg left to a narrow fairway. The tee shot requires precision to leave your ball amongst a group of bunkers just after the dog-leg. From here the next shot is not too difficult.

Hole 8

Forat 8If we avoid the large pine trees that we find close to the tee we can confront this par 4 with better results. The green is narrow and flat with a bunker just right of the green.

Hole 9

Forat 9A great par 5 to complete the first nine holes with various changes to elevation. This hole requires maximum concentration. The tee shot invites you to aim towards the hazard on the left, if you go to the right there are a lot of trees.

Hole 10

Forat 10Short par 3 gives a breathe before you start the second nine holes. The recently re-modeled tee has brought the bunkers around the green more into play.

Hole 11

Forat 11A raised tee box gives you a great view of this par 4. The hole is downhill turning to the left. The turn of the dog-leg is well guarded with bunkers.

Hole 12

Forat 12This hole also has an elevated tee with spectacular views. The big hitters can try and go directly for the green with the driver. The green is well protected with a number of bunkers and a large pine tree to the right of the green.

Hole 13

Forat 13An attractive par 4 that runs downhill with a dog-leg to the right. No bunkers on this hole. Behind the green is a large lake which will catch any over hit shots. You can try to cut the corner of the dog-leg with your tee shot any ball going right will end up in the woods.
A drive that finishes on the fairway will leave you a shot to a large green.

Hole 14

Forat 14The index 1 hole on the course a long uphill par 4 well protected by bunkers and a tree. The green is built up on different levels to correspond with the bunkers. Depending on the flag position your put maybe complicate.

Hole 15

Forat 15The longest par 3 and most photographed hole on the course, a large green with a lake in front of it and well protected by bunkers.

Hole 16

Forat 16A par 4 with an elevated tee to a narrow uphill fairway that turns to the right. The best line into the green is from the left hand side of the fairway. This helps to block out the green side bunker and trees that guard the right side of the green.

Hole 17

Forat 17Another long and difficult par 4, with a slight uphill to the green. That green is also quiet large with various differences in levels, which makes putting difficult.

Hole 18

Forat 18Great hole to finish your round. Short par 5 downhill. A good tee shot played to the down sloped fairway will make the next shot a lot shorter. The green is well protected with a deep bunker. And that green is very undulating with puts that break from different directions. A good put here to finish can really top off an enjoyable day.